A panel discusion on Somalia health systems: Opportunities and challenges

June 23 (Jowhar.com)-Somali Institute of development Studies (SIDS) is a local Think Tank that works to deliver solutions to ongoing and potential burning issues related to development, migration, peace and conflict resolution, resilience and business development.

SIDS has convened a group of somai health proffessional leaders and government authorities to discus the status of existing health system. Dr Ali haji Adam, a federal MP, Proff. Dr Abdullahi Mohamed, dorector of Somacare hosptal and Dr fartun Sharif, directoe of benadir hospital have gathered in a venue at Jazeera hotel, Mogadishu.

The event participated by tens of local doctors, social activists, federal MPs as well as state MPs. The discussion revolved around the current Somalia health systems, decentralization of the health system to state and local levels.

“Somalia is among the worst states in health service provison despite its recovery from decades of civil strife” said MP Dr Ali Haji Adam.” There is a need for effective health service delivey, a need for essential medicine and a high quality heatlth workforce”, said Dr Abdalla. Dr Fartuun, the director of benadir hospital, which is one of the two public hospotals that are fully functional, underlined the pressure the hospital is facing due to the large number of patients who come to the hospital daily. She urged the government to allocate a sizable portion of this year’s government budget towards health service.

The discussion also touched on the negligence of mental health service provision given the wide spread pain and incidences caused by this malady. There was a consensus among participants that the country needs to have in-patient as well as out-patient mental health treatment services.

Audiences asked questions on the possibility of having good working relationship between the givernment and health care sector in the country where the panelists underscored the significance of this relationship in this time of dire need for health care services.




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