Africa Diary – New explosions in Khartoum on the first day of Eid al-Adha

In Sudan, ceasefire announcements multiply, but they are never respected. A ceasefire was supposed to come into effect on Aid Day Wednesday, but it never happened. Shots and explosions once again rocked Sudan’s capital. Explanations from our correspondent in the region, Bastien Renouil.

Incumbent President Julius Maada Bio was sworn in after being re-elected in the first round for a second term as leader of Sierra Leone with 56.17% of the vote, official figures showed on Tuesday, a victory his main opponent disputed.

Sierra Leone: Sand mining accelerates coastal erosion

After a decade of civil war and two major health crises, Sierra Leone, one of the poorest countries in the world, is accelerating its reconstruction and development. The boom in the construction sector is fueled by an abundant resource in the country: sand.

Every day dozens of trucks land on the beaches in the south of the country to collect the precious stone grains, the basic elements for making cement or concrete. This activity involves serious environmental risks. Report by Kouamé N’Dri and Damien Koffi.

1st direct flight Kigali-Paris for RwandAir

It only takes one night to connect Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, with Paris. The national company RwandAir, which had already opened a direct flight to London at the end of last year, launched this Tuesday, June 27, to the land of a thousand hills… In an atmosphere of warming relations between Macron’s France and Rwanda of Paul Kagame. Economic deals multiply, French investments in Rwanda too. More details with Clément Di Roma, our correspondent in Rwanda.

Beekeeping appeals to young people in Tunisia

In Tunisia, some young people are converting to beekeeping, a profession that offers a return to sustainable agriculture that is cheap in terms of investment.

Tunisia has a tradition of beekeeping and has a very varied melliferous flora for the production of honey, but the sector is poorly structured. In the country, where unemployment affects 38% of young people between the ages of 15 and 24, the profession is attractive, even if it depends on climate change, which also affects the well-being of bees. Report by Lilia Blaise and Hamdi Tlili.

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