After Mali’s withdrawal: Sahel insecurity and coup contagion dominate the EU-AU summit

Europe and Africa already had more than enough on the list of participants for the first summit in Brussels in nearly eight years, and now you can add the contagion of the coup and withdraw the French-led anti-terrorist forces from Mali. The day started in Paris for the key players in the Sahel. Will the crisis cast a shadow over the European Union and African Union summit?

To what extent is insecurity and weak institutions on the continent a problem for everyone? The Europeans insist they are trying to make it more than just visas and prevent migrants from crossing the Mediterranean.

In terms of the rules of engagement for security, development and trade, how is Europe going in the face of competition from the likes of China, Turkey and others? With millions of dual nationals of African and European Union nationals, the stakes go beyond one region and one issue.

Produced by Charles Winty, Juliette Loren and Leopoldine Eriparin.

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