Belgium lifts outdoor dining limits after a seven-month hiatus from Covid-19

Belgium reopened its bars and restaurants on Saturday, allowing customers to eat and drink on terraces. The move is a huge relief for dining owners and their customers alike, after a seven-month shutdown. Jowharhas this report from Brussels.

The people of Brussels have been waiting for this moment for months when the pandemic hit Belgium hard. So the weather didn’t stop them from enjoying their newfound freedom on Saturday.

“It’s cold outside, but that’s not a problem,” a man told FRANCE 24, together with his companions at an outside table. “We are well prepared and we are very happy to go out again.”

Bars and restaurants are now allowed to serve a maximum of four seated customers per table, with tables spaced 1.5 meters apart.

Establishments hope full reopenings with indoor dining will follow once Covid-19 indicators improve. More than a third of the adult Belgian population has received a first dose of vaccine against the virus.

Alix Le Bourdon and Fernande Van Tets from Jowharhave this report from Brussels. To watch, click on the video player above.

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