Bomb-laden drones hit airport in northern Iraq’s Erbil city

Explosive-laden drones attacked the international airport in the northern Iraqi city of Erbil, close to the US consulate late Tuesday, Kurdish authorities said.

The attack took place around 1930 GMT but caused no injuries or major damage as firefighters put out a fire, the counter-terror unit of the Iraqi Kurdistan Autonomous Region said in a statement.

The airport in Erbil, which houses a military base of the international coalition fighting the Islamic State jihadist group, was also attacked in April by a drone loaded with explosives.

Since the beginning of the year, dozens of attacks have targeted US interests in the country, where 2,500 US troops have been deployed as part of the coalition.

On Monday, US troops shot down an armed drone over the country’s embassy in Baghdad.

Hours earlier, three missiles had targeted an air base in the western Iraqi desert that also housed US troops.

The United States recently offered up to $3 million for information about attacks on its interests in Iraq.


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