Brazil’s Neymar is planning a big New Year’s party despite the Covid pandemic, media say

Brazil’s star football player Neymar is at the center of a new controversy storm after several Brazilian media reported that he organized a huge New Year’s party despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Acelmo Goes, columnist for the magazine O Globo, claimed that the Paris Saint-Germain expedition is hosting 500 people for a week-long party at his luxury mansion on the beach near Rio de Janeiro, which started on Saturday and will run until New Year’s Day.

Brazil has suffered the second largest number of Covid-19-related deaths in the world with more than 191,000, while 7.4 million people have contracted the virus.

Neymar, who is no stranger to controversy over his parties, has reportedly even installed soundproofing equipment to try to avoid disturbing his neighbors.

Leo Dias, a columnist for the Metropoles website known for his celebrity scoops, even nominated artists to perform at Neymar’s party, such as Ludmilla and Wesley Safadao.

The guest’s mobile phones are said to be confiscated at the door to prevent any evidence from finding its way to social media.

Representatives of Neymar denied rumors and released a statement saying there would be “no party” in Neymar’s villa.

A special events agency, Agencia Fabrica, released a statement confirming that it had been contracted for a New Year’s event in the Costa Verde region where Neymar’s villa is located “which will host about 150 people … with respect for all the public health rules organ. “

Neymar’s villa is located in Mangaratiba, a small town in an area of ​​luxury seaside resorts in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

The local town hall has appealed to its 41,000 residents not to hold parties at the end of the year and has set up barriers to prevent people from gathering.

“We have no information about this party,” City Hall told AFP.

Neymar, who has not played since December 13 when he injured his ankle against Lyon, has not commented on the party and has in recent days posted pictures of his family on social media without comment.

Hans Mangaratiba Mansion is located on a plot of 10,000 m2 which includes a helicopter pad, sports fields, spa, sauna, massage parlor, gym and dining area.

This was where he previously spent his time recovering from injuries and also where he led from March to June when the coronavirus raged in France which led to the suspension of professional football.


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