California Communities Unite to Help Dixie Fire Evacuees

The Dixie Fire has burned more than 515,000 acres (208,000 hectares) in Northern California, destroying more than 1,000 homes and continues to threaten residential areas. Efforts are now underway to provide aid and shelter to those who have been displaced by what has become the second largest wildfire in state history. Ediz Tiyansan of Jowharreports from a community center in the city of Quincy.

Donation boxes continue to pour into Quincy, one of many northern California cities that is home to hundreds of people displaced by the Dixie fire.

A community center has opened its doors to evacuees, who come in search of basic supplies such as mattresses, blankets and tents. For many, finding accommodation has been a problem.

“A lot of people are sleeping on the streets right now,” Casey, a fire evacuee who volunteers at the center, told FRANCE 24. “A lot of people are just stopping and putting their blankets and things on the side of the road because they have nowhere to go right now.

“We have all lost everything.”

Casey said he volunteers to take his mind off the loss his community has suffered.

“It’s very difficult. Waking up in the morning and realizing that something that has been there for 25 years is gone. It sucks. A place we all had to go and call home is gone,” Casey said.

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