Cartooning for Peace: The end of the “party” for Britain’s Boris Johnson?

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson has been accused of organizing several Downing Street parties while the United Kingdom was in full Covid-19 lockdown. Demands for Johnson’s resign are growing, even among colleagues in his Conservative party.

Accused of organizing several parties on Downing Street during year one of the pandemic while Britain was locked up, Johnson is under fire for perceived character problems and his management of the country.

Parliament saw stormy exchanges this week and Johnson defended himself with what for many was an unconvincing argument: “Nobody told me it was against the rules.”

Despite a series of populist-sounding policy announcements aimed at regaining its base and announcing that the bulk of England’s anti-Covid restrictions will end next week, the Conservative leader is in an increasingly precarious position.

The British press reports that about 20 young Conservative MPs met on Tuesday to discuss a no-confidence motion against Johnson.

Cartooning for Peace is an international network of cartoonists who are committed to promoting freedom of expression, human rights and mutual respect between people from different cultures and beliefs through the universality of press releases.

Cartooning for Peace cartoonist known as Urbs was born in the French city of Limoges in 1970, the year after The Beatles released their album “Abbey Road” with covers depicting the band members crossing the street – but not singing “Help!”, As Johnson.

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