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The Need for a Consolidated and Many Dimensional Approach

Many dimensional approaches need to be consolidated, and measures that include the constitutional-making process should be given a national outlook with the opinions and suggestions of as many stakeholders as possible being sought.

Left Behind: Deeply Broken Somalia 

Somalis and foreign partners hailed the peaceful transfer of power between the elected President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and the outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo on May 23, 2022 following the conclusion of the most corrupt…

Youth: The Unused Potential Turning to be a Threat!.

August 30 (, the continent with the youngest population of more than 400 million people living in critical and challenging conditions, mainly caused by man-made factors and dysfunctional governmental systems that are…

Strategic planning and youths in Somalia

The world is evolving with exceptional speed. That profoundly influences the lives of the world’s one billion youths, with 85% developing nations. Contemporary social and political development is activating changes in the social framework…

Women empowerment in Somalia

Women empowerment means guiding principles to strengthen women’s participation in social, political, and economic activities while delivering health quality services.

Policies to prioritize by the new Leadership

August 03 ( years of brutal repression by the previous regime paved the way for change and placed a new leadership at the helm. Hassan Sheik Mohamud ensured a very rare victory and became the first president to be reelected…

Social Reconciliation especially On land Issue

Over the last decades, about three and a half million people in Somalia have been affected by conflict and famine. That conflict has devastated a significant part of the country’s infrastructure.

Rethinking Somali’s Political System and Cleavages

Political cleavages are permanent political divisions among citizens. Since the 1960s, the concept of cleavage has become current in the social science research concerned with the formation of European party systems and begun to understand…

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