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Nov. 18 ( is an abhorrent reality that food insecurity remains an ever-present risk to Somalis and a crippling consequence of the country’s ongoing conflict and severe drought. More than two and a half million people remain in…

The Ballot or the Bullet: The Case of the Somali region 

Ethiopia is notorious with authoritarian rulers who isomorphically mimic their predecessors with iron fist rule. Ethiopia as a hegemonic state in the region has never been experienced a peaceful transfer of power until April 2018 where the…


The new AUKUS Partnership, the new geopolitical alliance of Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, to enhance security in the Indian and Pacific Oceans zone envisages the provision of the necessary technology by the United…

Somalia is between Farmajo’s Way or the Highway

The constitutional mandate of the incumbent president has expired in February this year while the parliamentary and presidential elections were contentious. The embattled president and the federal member states several times had meetings on…

Somalia: Another Afghanistan is imminent. 

The two countries share gigantic issues. Both are Muslim nations with Sunni sect. As “Angus Hamilton” who was a British war correspondent who had visited in early 20th century both countries, had written two memoirs.

ONLF and Ethiopia: A tug-of-war

Somali region, is the second largest in terms of land, and third most populous in Ethiopia. Throughout the history, the region and its inhabitants are the most downtrodden across the country, and Ethiopia treats the region in a subterranean…

Who is Somali´s next President?

John Maxwell was right: "Everything rises and falls on leadership." And at the peak of Somalia's colossal predicaments, it is a numbing example of an appalling failure of leadership.

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