“China is buying silence and they have just bought Elon Musk,” said NBA star Freedom

Enes Kanter Freedom is a Turkish-born basketball player who is now a US citizen and plays for the Boston Celtics. He is also a human rights activist. In an interview with FRANCE 24, Freedom criticized billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk for opening a Tesla showroom in China’s Xinjiang region, where the Uighur minority is persecuted. He also accused Nike – the NBA’s main sponsor – of “modern slavery” in China. Ahead of the Beijing Olympics, Freedom urged athletes to make their voices heard, saying the diplomatic boycott was “good but not enough”.

Enes Kanter Freedom, a Turkish-born player who plays professional basketball for the Boston Celtics, told Jowharthat NBA superstar LeBron James was among many athletes who were reluctant to condemn human rights violations in China. He said James was prone to silence because both the NBA and the Nike brand he represents have huge economic interests in China. Freedom urged all athletes to train and speak out to bring about change.

The NBA star said he “could not believe” that billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk had opened a Tesla showroom in China’s Xinjiang region, where minority Uighurs are victims of what he calls a “genocide”.

“China is using money to buy silence and they have just bought Elon,” he told FRANCE 24.

He said the diplomatic boycott of the upcoming Winter Olympics in China decided by the United States, Britain and Australia was “good, but not enough”, and urged athletes to make their voices heard. He said the gold medals they win were less important than their morals and values.

Freedom accused Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of lying by accusing US-based priest Fethullah Gulen of orchestrating the failed 2016 coup against him, saying he himself had actually spent the coup night with Gulen and that the priest prayed for his country. He lamented the deterioration of the human rights situation in Turkey and said that Erdogan was leading the country as a “mafia leader”. Freedom said he was in favor of a regime change, stressing that Erdogan would not accept normal elections.

The human rights activist officially became a US citizen on November 29, 2021 and legally changed his name to Enes Kanter Freedom. He said he chose the name because so many political prisoners around the world were behind bars.

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