“Dubai, Dubai”: a satirical Israeli song that causes a stir in the Arab world

We talk to Noam Shuster Eliasi, the Israeli comedian whose recent performance has spread widely in the Arab world. The satirical song “Dubai, Dubai” criticizing the latest deal to normalize relations between Israel and the UAE has been watched, re-watched and tweeted thousands of times. She tells us why she feels the song sends an important message.

Meanwhile, the Israeli president warned that democracy and the country’s key institutions are at stake, and the message came after a newspaper published reports claiming that the police had illegally used the Pegasus malware to spy on dozens of ministers, activists or businessmen.

Finally, we report on one of the poorest neighborhoods in the Lebanese city of Tripoli, where, with the continuing economic crisis that has left many unemployed, dozens of young people of Sunni origin have chosen to leave the country to join the ranks of the Islamic State elsewhere.

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