Ethiopia is indefinitely postponing elections due to logistical issues

The head of Ethiopia’s election council said on Saturday that it would be impossible to hold a scheduled vote on June 5 due to mounting logistical problems and postponed it without giving a new date.

“The vote will not take place on June 5 … we cannot tell you the date as the board needs to investigate the input it has received from parties,” said electoral council chairman Birutkan Mideksa.

She cited a plethora of logistical delays, such as completing voter registration, voter training, printing and distributing ballots.

“It became practically impossible to deliver all of these on the originally planned dates.”

She said the new date would take into account the rainy season – which runs from about June to September.

The nation of 110 million people would elect national and regional parliamentarians.

The MPs elect the Prime Minister, who is the head of government, and the President – a largely ceremonial role.


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