Follow FRANCE 24’s special Brexit coverage when the UK finally leaves the EU

After more than four years of political struggle, December 31 marks the day when Brexit finally occurs. At the moment, London’s Big Ben strikes until 23:00 – midnight at the EU headquarters in Brussels – the UK and the EU will formally go to each other. Whether seen as a moment of celebration or praise, the British have little opportunity to gather due to coronavirus lock-in measures.

Britain’s departure from Europe’s customs union and internal market ends almost half a century of tumultuous ties with its neighbors.

For the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the event signals the fulfillment of his promise to “Get Brexit done” and, as he said after signing the deal in law on December 30, “marks a new beginning in our country’s history and a new relationship with the EU that their biggest ally ”.

Click on the live video player above to see the historical event.

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