France to lift Covid-19 restrictions on businesses on March 14

Covid-19 health restrictions will not be required in French companies from March 14, the same day vaccine permit requirements were lifted and masks will not be required in indoor public spaces. Masks will remain mandatory on public transport.

“Businesses will resume normal rules,” Labor Secretary Elizabeth Burnie announced in an interview with LCI News broadcast on Tuesday.

In particular, it will be necessary to “continue to follow hygiene rules” such as washing hands, cleaning surfaces and airing buildings. But social distancing rules will be relaxed, as will rules for group dining in company cafes.

As for remote work, Bourne said companies have already been given a lot of freedom to make their own rules and that companies can continue to make those decisions internally.

A guide on measures to prevent the risks of Covid-19 contamination, which the minister shared with unions and business associations, will now replace the nationwide restrictions. The 25-page document aims to “ensure the health and safety of ’employees'” while liberalizing rules on businesses.

“In the current circumstances in which the virus continues to spread, employees who wish to do so will be able to wear masks, without the employer being able to oppose it,” the guide says.

The U2Pbusiness association, which represents 3 million artists, retailers and independent workers, called the easing of restrictions “the end of the tunnel.”

“Good news! After two years of implementing health restrictions on businesses and mobilizing professional organizations to support businesses in the face of the crisis, here is the end of the tunnel,” the group wrote on Twitter.

(France 24 with AFP)

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