French soldier killed in Mali in confrontation with armed terrorist group

A French military man was killed early Friday in a clash with an armed militant group in Mali, the French presidential administration said in a statement.

read more France has a counter-terrorism force in Mali that tries to contain militant Islamist groups.

More than 50 French soldiers have died in the region since Paris intervened in 2013 to push back al Qaeda-linked militants who had taken over cities and towns in northern Mali a year earlier.

Le ministère des Armées adresse ses plus vives condoleances à la famille, aux proches et aux frères d’armes du caporal-chef Maxime Blasco, mort pour la France in combattant des terroristes dans le cadre de l’opération Barkhane, on September 24 at Mali. #MPLF

– Ministère des Armées (@Armees_Gouv) September 24, 2021

French forces said earlier this month that they had killed the leader of the Islamic State of West Africa affiliate in a drone strike in northern Mali.


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