French territory to demolish shantytown amidst Mayotte migrant crisis

A group of people gathered at the entrance of the Majicavo slum on Mayotte, a French territory in the Indian Ocean that authorities plan to evacuate and demolish.

Among the group was Fatima Youssuf, a migrant from the Comoros Islands, who expressed frustration with the authorities who frequently come to demolish their houses.

The authorities plan to launch Operation Wuambushu (“Take Back”) as early as this weekend to remove illegal migrants who have settled in slums on the island.

The Soufou family is one of the many families living in the slums, they have already prepared their bags, but they are waiting for a dignified accommodation before they leave.

An official involved in the resettlement tells AFP that alternative options have been proposed to each family.

More than 2,000 police and administrative officials have been mobilised to set in train the expulsions of those illegally on the island and tear down the makeshift squats housing them.

There is also a risk of rebellion from the affected residents. Some locals in Mayotte have expressed joy that the notice has been put in place to remove the illegals from their neighbourhood that they describe as “unlivable.”

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