Gabon Presidential Election: Ali Bongo Ondimba Aims for a Third Term on August 26th

There are only ten days left until the presidential election in Gabon. There will be a single ballot on August 26th that will enable the population to elect the deputies, mayors, and their president.

Nineteen candidates are running for the presidency, including Ali Bongo Ondimba, who is running for a third term, while his health is causing much speculation.

Sudan has been plagued by fighting for four months now. A large part of the population has had to flee the country. Among the exiles were students who were welcomed by Rwanda.

The largest university in Kigali has decided to create a medicine program to allow them to continue their studies. The country of a thousand hills wants to present itself as a credible “refuge nation.”

In Guinea, the environment is becoming increasingly important. A campaign has been launched by NGOs in Conakry called “One anniversary, one tree” to encourage Guineans to reforest.

There is an urgency because in the past, the Kakimbo forest had an area of 115 hectares but today, only 14 hectares remain due to unchecked urbanization.

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