Independence the ‘elephant in the room’ when Scotland goes to the polls

As voters go to the polls for Scottish Parliament elections, the issue of independence is not far from the people. The Scottish National Party (SNP) is hoping for a majority in the decentralized parliament with 129 seats, which could pave the way for a second referendum on Scottish independence. In 2014, Scots voted with a 55 percent majority to stay in the UK, but since Brexit, polls indicate an increase in support for going it alone.

The Jowharteam reports from Dumbarton, which was once a mighty shipbuilding town and a stronghold of the Labor Party. Although currently owned by Labor, it is the most marginal seat in Scotland and is closely watched, with the UK’s future potentially at stake.

Since Brexit, a series of polls have shown that support for Scottish independence has increased, which would be the Union’s greatest turmoil in a century. But while some Scots are in favor of cutting ties with London, others argue that Scotland has been weakened by the Covid-19 pandemic and think it is better to stay in the UK.

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