India’s Covid critics silenced, Rwanda flags new chapter with France and “Nomadland” in Oscar first

The world saw India’s Covid-19 crisis unfold – record highs and deaths and hospitals without oxygen and beds – as Modi’s government asked Twitter to remove posts critical of its pandemic response. Rwanda’s Foreign Minister told Jowharthat new reports on France’s role in the 1994 genocide could open a new chapter in international relations. At the Oscars, a goal for inclusion with the first woman in color, Chloé Zhao, winning best director for “Nomadland”, while polls in France predicted a 2022 replay between President Macron and right-wing leader Marine Le Pen.


Covid-19: French vaccine appointments go unchallenged and revives debate over who should qualify

Some Covid-19 vaccination centers in France have offered time slots but are struggling to find carriers. In the face of this situation, several elected officials and members of the scientific community are calling for more people to be eligible for vaccination. For now, however, the government keeps its current rules – only those who are 55 years or older – can be in place.

French twist: Spectacular surprises are the norm in France’s presidential election

That is the worrying background of French politics in 2021 – a sense of déjà vu. One year before the presidential election, President Emmanuel Macron is giving a round of 2022 against right-wing leader Marine Le Pen. But French voters say they do not want to relive that 2017 duel in a year from now. And the story is at least on their side: France’s presidential elections are often full of spectacular surprises.

The Indian government is tightening its grip on Twitter as the Covid-19 case escalates

Indian social media users have taken to Twitter with desperate pleas for help as the country struggles to cope with record-high Covid-19 cases and deaths. But Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has been accused of trying to control the story with legal orders to delete Twitter posts that are critical of its response.

Mourner performs final rituals for a victim of Covid-19 at a crematorium in New Delhi on April 27, 2021. AFP – PRAKASH SINGH

‘Erdogan, assassin’, French Armenians shout at genocide anniversary among security problems

France’s Armenian diaspora took to the streets of Paris, Lyon and Marseille on Saturday to celebrate the 106th anniversary of the Armenian genocide on the heels of a war with Turkey’s ally Azerbaijan and amid fears for their safety at home.

Covid-19’s “serious negative impact” on the fight against malaria

Since the coronavirus first took the world by storm in early 2020, it has understandably almost monopolized the world’s attention. But this has taken the spotlight away from other diseases like malaria. Jowharexamined for the World Malaria Day on 25 April the challenges to be overcome in the fight against this disease.

Future challenges for France in navigating Chad’s transition after Deby

France on Tuesday called for the establishment of a civilian national unity government in Chad, a clear change of stance and a sign of the sensitive balancing act Paris must take as it seeks to ensure stability in the region following the death of veteran Idriss Deby last week. . Chad has been a key French ally in the fight against jihadists in Africa’s troubled Sahel region.



Rwanda FM Vincent Biruta: ‘It’s time to open a new chapter between Rwanda and France’

In an interview with FRANCE 24, Rwandan Foreign Minister Vincent Biruta said that two recent reports on France’s role in the 1994 genocide – one presented in France and the other in Rwanda – came to “almost the same” conclusion and enabled the potential opening of a new chapter. in diplomatic relations between the two countries.

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Rewilding: The recovery of nature

Researchers call it the sixth mass extinction and up to one million plant and animal species are threatened. When we colonize the natural world for our own purposes – agriculture, urbanization – we destroy habitats and disrupt ecosystems. But what if we reintroduce some of the extinct species and then leave nature to heal itself?

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Standing up against taboos: Meet the blogger who breaks down cultural barriers

Faiza Rammuny is a Palestinian-American blogger who handles regional taboos with humor. She addresses topics such as the importance of reputation in Middle Eastern society, women’s judgment based on a value system other than men, pressure to marry, hijab and, you guessed it, innocence.


Filmmaker Chloé Zhao makes Oscar story with ‘Nomadland’

Chloé Zhao’s “Nomadland” took a gripping sense of loss and took away the best film and best director awards, as well as the best acting award for Frances McDormand. Film journalist Rhonda Richardson tells why Zhao’s film evokes the strange reality of the past year, and film critic Lisa Nesselson talks about the historical significance of that profit.

A symphony in yellow, red and blue: Kandinsky’s iconic canvas goes online

Twelve years ago, Vassily Kandinsky’s paintings were the central scene in the Paris Pompidou Center, as they contained an important retrospective of the artist’s work. Today, the museum’s galleries are closed due to Covid-19, but Kandinsky’s lively, abstract canvases are now just a click away. We take a closer look at one of these iconic pieces.

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Spring awakening of the forest in France’s Ardèche region

In France’s southeastern Ardèche region, when winter ends, the forest is slowly waking up from its long dormancy. Spring is the time when an entire population becomes busy studying, preserving and cleaning up these natural spaces. Agents from the French National Forest Office replant plants and select trees to be felled, volunteers change the sign on the hiking trails before the summer and private forest owners take care of grafting. We went to meet them.

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Compulsory control: What is it and why should it be criminalized?

As France, along with many other countries, is dealing with a sharp increase in domestic violence due to the pandemic, Annette Young talks to Sarah McGrath of the NGO Women for Women France about why coercive control, where perpetrators humiliate and control their partners, should be criminalized. New marriage laws in Gabon also officially allow the payment of a dowry to the bride’s family. Still, our team on the ground reports on whether the move will really protect women. Plus menopause and how it affects the careers of millions of women, many of whom work full time.

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