Iranian farmers reveal the remains of Iraqi soldiers killed in the 1980s war

An Iranian family dug up soil to plant lemon trees when they made a shocking discovery – the remains of three Iraqi soldiers from the 1980-1988 war between Iran and Iraq. The soldiers were still wearing their dog badges and a number of journalists have written on social media in an attempt to find their family members.

The discovery was made by a family who own a farm outside the village of Dar Chiaa, near the city of Ahvaz in southwestern Iran. A video, posted on Twitter on January 12 by Rafeef al-Hafedh, a journalist working for the Iraqi TV channel INews, shows bones, including two skulls.

“Today we were going to plant lemon trees on our land in the Dar Chiaa region and we found the remains of two martyrs, so far,” says the farmer who filmed the video.

راسلني احد الاخوة من مدينة الاهواز ارسل لي هذا الفديو الذي يؤكد فيه عثور احد الاخوة في احدى المناطق الايرانية_العراقيةعلى رفاة جنود عراقيين استشهدوا ابان الحرب العراقية_الايرانية وقد وجدوهم اثناء زراعة حديقتهم عمموا الفديو لايصال الخبر لذويهم او اقربائهمالاسماء في التعليقات

– رفيف الحافظ (@RAFEEF_alhafedh) January 12, 2022 “An Iranian brother from the city of Ahwaz sent me this video […]. They worked their fields. Share widely so that the information reaches their families “, wrote this journalist in his Tweet. In the end, the remains of three soldiers were revealed. Their names and blood types were written on their dog tags, as you can see in the photos shared by Rafeef al-Hafedh.

Dog badges were found along with the remains of three Iraqi soldiers. The names of the tags are Aziz Hussein Ahmed, Amer Rahdeef Jabar and Khaled Ahmed Chaoukat. These photos were published on Twitter. © Twitter / @RAFEEF_alhafedh In recent years, there have been several exchanges of remnants of soldiers between Iran and Iraq, under the auspices of the International Committee of the Red Cross. In January 2021, Iraq returned the remains of 57 Iranian soldiers to their homeland in exchange for the remains of four Iraqi soldiers.

However, tens of thousands of soldiers who disappeared during the war between Iran and Iraq are still unknown, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

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