Iranian president-elect says he will focus on lifting ‘tyrannical’ US sanctions

Iran will take steps to lift “tyrannical” sanctions imposed by the United States, harsh Shia cleric Ebrahim Raisi said on Tuesday after winning the approval of the country’s supreme leader to become president.

Former US President Donald Trump dumped Iran’s 2015 six-power nuclear deal three years ago and re-imposed sanctions that have devastated Iran’s economy.

“We will try to lift the tyrannical sanctions imposed by America,” Raisi, who took office on Thursday, said in a televised speech, adding that his administration will try to improve living conditions suffered under the sanctions.

Iran and six powers have been in talks since April to revive the nuclear pact. But Iranian and Western officials have said there are still significant gaps.

The sixth round of indirect talks between Tehran and Washington was suspended on June 20, two days after Raisi was elected president. The parties involved in the negotiations have not yet announced when the next round of talks in Vienna will resume.

The Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has the final say on all state affairs, but the change of president will remove the moderating influence on policy-making exercised by Raisi’s pragmatic predecessor, Hassan Rouhani, since 2013.


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