‘Israel understands no language other than violence’

Hundreds of masked Hamas fighters paraded through Gaza City on Saturday to honor their dead and celebrate their “victory” in the 11-day battle with Israel that ended after a ceasefire on Friday. The group’s top leader made a rare public appearance. Jowharreports.

In a rare show of force, Hamas fighters marched through the devastated city with their arms raised to celebrate their claimed victory in the most recent conflict with Israel. Bewildered after 11 days of Israeli air strikes, the residents watched in silence.

“The Israeli enemy does not understand any language other than violence. Then he will know what to expect when he attacks the resistance, ”a relative of a senior Hamas commander who was killed in the fighting told FRANCE 24.

At the end of the parade, Hamas’s top leader, Yahya Sinwar, emerged to make his first public appearance since the start of the offensive. He made no statements or speeches, but displayed himself by greeting the families of fighters who had died in battle. His lieutenants proudly repeated the victory cry.

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