Jigawa Pledges to Maintain Open-Defecation-Free Status in Nigeria

The Jigawa State government has committed to maintaining the state’s open-defecation-free status.Open defecation is a significant environmental issue in Nigeria, particularly in rural areas where many houses lack toilets.

Even those with toilets often struggle with limited water supply, leading rural residents to resort to open defecation.

However, through efforts by various state governments and support from donor agencies, many states have achieved open-defecation-free status.

Ibrahim Muhammad Garba, the Jigawa State Commissioner for Water Resources, expressed the state’s determination to maintain this status.

Garba made these remarks during an interview with journalists in Kaduna, while attending a meeting with members of the Jigawa State Technical Committee on Open Defecation and other stakeholders.

Dr Nura Ibrahim Kazaure, the Commissioner for Environment, attributed the problem of open defecation in Nigeria to a lack of environmental laws that can effectively ensure compliance.

Dr Kazaure emphasized that open defecation poses a serious public health risk.

He mentioned that Balarabe Abbas, the current Minister of Environment, has committed to enforcing sanitary laws to address the issue of open defecation in the country.

“The problem is the lack of enforcement, penalties, and imprisonment; we need to take stronger measures to ensure compliance,” he explained.

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