ECOWAS defines the outlines of a “possible military intervention”

The contours of a possible military intervention by ECOWAS against the coup leaders in Niger have been defined, announced a representative of ECOWAS on Friday, following a meeting of the West African bloc’s chiefs of staff in Abuja. Our correspondent Moïse Gomis provides an explanation.

Benin, a neighboring country of Niger, hoped that diplomacy would remain “the preferred solution”, while asserting that it would follow ECOWAS if it decided to intervene in Niger. Our correspondent Emmanuelle SODJI was at the Benin Ministry of Foreign Affairs press conference.

The Ethiopian government declared a state of emergency on Friday in response to the increasing clashes between the army and local fighters in the Amhara region in the north of the country. Our correspondent Clothilde Hazard provides an explanation in Addis Ababa.

Tunisia denies carrying out such deportations. For several weeks, since the clashes in Sfax, hundreds of migrants have been sent back to the border with Libya. In the middle of the desert, under scorching heat. Survival is necessary, sometimes without water or food.

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