Meet the folks preventing for the survival of the Breton language

The newest French Eurovision track was in Breton – a language the federal government doesn’t acknowledge exists. From almost 1,000,000 within the Fifties, the variety of Breton audio system has shrunk to lower than 200,000 right this moment, prompting UNESCO to warn that the language is at risk of extinction.

There are 7,000 languages ​​spoken on this planet right this moment, and half of them can be passed by the tip of the century. Which means language dies each two weeks – and so do the traditions, the sounds, the methods of dwelling and eager about the world that it brings to life. Which means whole cultures can disappear with no hint.

The Breton language, spoken within the Brittany area of northwest France (Brittany), was additionally at risk of dying out, however is now seeing a rise in younger audio system. An efficient and in depth schooling system and a robust cultural heritage have prompted younger folks to begin studying the Breton language once more and spreading it – every in their very own manner.

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