No, these pictures do not show an “artificial sun” built by China (even if it is a real project)

Many people have watched and shared two videos that show a huge fireball on the horizon and claim to show an artificial sun created by China. Although China actually has an ongoing project in this direction, that is not what these videos show.

It turns out that the “sun” in the first video is a Chinese rocket. The first video has been circulating on Twitter since January 9, which is shared by the @ AuxGod account. The film, which shows dozens of people filming what looks like a sun on the horizon, has received 6 million views.

The “sun” finally disappears into the sky, leaving a trail of smoke in its tracks.

Screenshot of a tweet by @AuxGod © Twitter / AuxGod This content is hereby archived by the JowharObservers team.

Our team ran the video through the InVid WeVerify search tool (check out how by clicking here). We found several longer versions of the video, which had been posted on YouTube before. In this version of the video, you can hear spectators say “Huojian fashele”, which means “rocket has been fired” in Chinese. So we started researching whether this video could actually show a rocket launch.

China has several rocket launch sites. The only one near the coast, like the one in the video, is the base in Wenchang.

This map shows rocket launch sites in China. Wenchang launch ramp is the only one near the coast. © AirCosmos Our team searched for videos of rocket launches in Wenchang with keywords in Chinese. We found a video on the Chinese video platform Bilibili showing the launch of a rocket called Long March 7, which took place the night of December 23, 2021.

The website shown in the video from Long March 7 corresponds to the background of the first “artificial sun” video. In addition, smoke is emitted when the rocket is fired in exactly the same shape as the trace of the so-called sun.

Both videos have the same coastline with a beach, as well as the same vegetation. In addition, the smoke is emitted when the rocket is fired in exactly the same shape.

The two videos show the same coastline with a beach and the same vegetation. The smoke also takes the same shape in the two videos. The video on the left was posted on Bilibili, the video on the right, Twitter. Observers Although the FRANCE24 Observers team did not find the exact origin of the video which is said to show the launch of an artificial sun, audio and visual clues make it very likely that the video shows a rocket being launched from a base in Wenchang, probably at night between December 23 and 24, documented by Chinese media.

The second video, which probably shows “the sun changing night to day”, is actually a video of a SpaceX rocket launch. Some posts claim that the artificial sun makes it possible to transform night into day.

This video, posted on Twitter, claims that China launches an artificial sun and transforms night into day. © Twitter ViccDamoneJR This content is archived by the JowharObservers team.

If you listen to the first seconds of the video, you will hear a voice speaking in English, which may be unlikely for a video filmed in China.

If you run the video through a search using InVid WeVerify, you will see the same video that was published in April 2021.

The earliest time this video appeared online was on April 26, when it was published on the social network Imgur with the title “The brightness of a SpaceX launch”.

We did some other searches with the same keyword and found the video posted on TikTok by a number of users, including this account that shares posts about space. The earliest post is from April 23.

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket with the Crew Dragon Endeavor capsule and Crew-2 was actually launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on April 23, according to a press release from the US space agency NASA. The French astronaut Thomas Pesquet made his second trip into space on this flight.

So it turns out that this video actually shows a rocket launch that took place some time ago in Florida and is not linked to a recent incident in China.

But it turns out that the artificial solar project really does exist. Although these videos have nothing to do with an artificial sun in China, as their captions claimed, it turns out that it is a real project.

A research facility in Chengdu, in southeastern China, which specializes in nuclear fusion reactors, was able to maintain a temperature of 120 million degrees Celsius for just over 17 minutes. Beijing confirmed that the experiment topped the world record in early January 2022. China has three facilities dedicated to similar experiments around the country.

The purpose of these experiments is to harness the power of nuclear fusion to power several cities in China. This would also produce less waste than nuclear fission.

It is called an “artificial sun” because it mimics the nuclear fusion that illuminates the real sun. A similar project is underway in France at a site called Cadarache in the Bouches-du-Rhône region. There is more in the video below.

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