On the Second Day of Cross-Border Exchange, Hundreds of Yemeni Prisoners of War are Released.

The International Committee of the Red Cross has announced that hundreds of prisoners of war, including Saudis, have been freed as part of a cross-border exchange between a Saudi-led military coalition and Yemen’s Iran-backed Huthi rebels.

The exchange took place over several days and involved nearly 900 detainees, coinciding with peace talks which have led to hopes of ending Yemen’s eight-year-old war.

The flights began by taking 120 Huthi rebel prisoners from the southern Saudi city of Abha to Yemen’s Huthi-held capital Sanaa.

There was also a flight carrying 20 former detainees, 16 of which were Saudis, from Sanaa to Riyadh. Other flights carried a combination of 117 and 100 Huthi prisoners.

The aim of the ongoing exchange is to “get back all prisoners and detainees,” according to coalition spokesman Turki al-Maliki.

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