Opposition forces seize Howlwadag district headquarters

Mogadishu- (Jowhar.com) Fighting broke out in Mogadishu today, leaving the government out of control.The headquarters of Howlwadag district has been taken over by heavily armed forces loyal to the opposition candidates who are opposed to the federal government’s extension.

According to reports, the forces took control of the compound, which was important to the Benadir regional administration, without a fight, after surrendering to police forces.

The forces that took over the Howlwadag district headquarters have already taken control of Isgoska Dabka, and Sayidka intersection and other neighborhoods in Howlwadag and Wardhiigley districts.

The country’s capital, Mogadishu, has been the scene of a series of deadly clashes between government forces and opposition candidate militants in recent days.

If Farmajo loses most of Mogadishu tonight, Farmajo will have to surrender or leave Mogadishu.

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