“Our fighting spirit is 120 percent”: Ukrainian forces are determined to approach Russian forces from Kiev

As war rages on in Kharkiv and in other regions of Ukraine, fighting is expected to intensify in the capital. Ukrainian soldiers remain steadfast and determined to defend their country. Rob Parsons, France 24’s foreign affairs editor, reports from Kiev.

Just before the curfew, Ukrainian soldiers across the Dnieper looked at the Russian positions, realizing that when night fell, the Russian army would attack again, just as they had attacked the night before. The expectation this time was that the fight would be even fiercer.

“Our fighting spirit is 120 percent. We are ready to defend our country. We will never give up,” says Mikhail, a military engineer. “Eight years of war in the Donbass and Putin still did not recognize the presence of his troops there. But in those eight years, the Ukrainian army learned how to fight its vile enemy. Now the Russians are suffering heavy losses.”

Another soldier says, “We are not afraid, we are tired of fear. We have no other choice but to defend our country. We have to earn for our next generation of children – for our future and our freedom.”

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