Police Arrests 120 National Unity Platform Supporters: Kyagulanyi Reveals List in Uganda

The leader of the National Unity Platform, Robert Kyagulanyi, has released a list of 120 supporters who were allegedly arrested by police on Thursday upon his return from abroad.

Kyagulanyi is currently being prevented from leaving his home, with the police citing concerns about his mobilisation efforts for a march.

On Thursday, National Unity Platform (NUP) party claimed that around 300 of their supporters had been apprehended, while Kyagulanyi himself was escorted away bypassing immigration authorities.

As of Friday, he remained under house arrest, and numerous supporters continued to be detained.

Kyagulanyi emphasised the need for the immediate release of the detained individuals without charges and disputed the police’s claim that only 40 people had been arrested.

While he released a list of 120 individuals, he maintained that over 300 had been detained since Monday.

He vowed that their legal team would work diligently to address these “illegal” arrests and expressed hope that the situation would soon be resolved.

The police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, however, stated that a total of 40 suspects, including Member of Parliament Charles Matovu for Busiro South, had been apprehended for inciting violence.

Onyango revealed that various items intended for use in processions, such as red berets and handheld megaphone speakers, along with white and red T-shirts branded as “Kunga Uganda,” were recovered during the arrests.

The arrested suspects underwent fingerprinting and profiling and will face charges in court, according to Onyango.

While unable to confirm whether Kyagulanyi was under house arrest or preventive arrest, Onyango asserted that the operations aimed to prevent a planned “One Million March” that Kyagulanyi allegedly organized upon returning to Uganda.Last month, Kyagulanyi flew out of the country after his national rallies were banned by police, who accused him of making sectarian speeches.

Kyagulanyi was initially taken from the airport to his home in Magere, Wakiso District, on the outskirts of Kampala city, to prevent anticipated disruptions along the 43-kilometer Kampala-Entebbe route.

The police confirmed that he arrived home safely and is with his family and friends.

During his arrival, security operatives dressed as airport staff escorted Kyagulanyi from the plane to a waiting vehicle.

Upon reaching his residence, he encountered a heavy security presence, and his party members were reportedly denied access, with tear gas being used to disperse them.

Kyagulanyi had been on a tour in Canada and South Africa before his return.

Uganda Police had warned supporters not to form processions to welcome Kyagulanyi, as plans had already been announced for a “One Million Match.”

They insisted that the event be halted, and the public was advised against participating in any illegal activities associated with it.

The police emphasised the potential disruptions to traffic, movement, and businesses along the Entebbe-Gayaza highway, as well as the risks posed to the public safety and security.

Despite these warnings, Kyagulanyi’s supporters remained determined to organise the procession.

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