Poverty, but additionally rumba and resilience: 5 issues to know concerning the DRC

On Tuesday, Pope Francis is anticipated to reach within the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa’s largest predominantly Catholic nation, for a historic three-day go to.

Listed here are 5 issues to find out about this huge nation:

Mineral Wealth, Excessive Poverty The Democratic Republic of the Congo is awash in treasured metals and stones, from gold, diamonds and coltan to tin, copper and cobalt.

The Congo River – the second largest river in Africa after the Nile – additionally has large potential for hydroelectric energy era, in addition to 80 million hectares (197 million acres) of arable land.

However many years of conflict and power mismanagement imply that little of the nation’s huge wealth flows to a inhabitants of about 100 million folks.

In response to the World Financial institution, about two-thirds of Congolese folks stay on lower than $2.15 a day.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo occupies an unlimited space the dimensions of continental western Europe, and is about 80 instances bigger than its former colonial energy, Belgium.

It’s the second largest nation in Africa after Algeria.

About 250 completely different ethnic teams stay within the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and so they communicate a whole lot of various languages.

French is the official language of the nation, and the native languages ​​Kikongo, Lingala, Tshiluba, and Swahili are formally acknowledged.

Regardless of its dimension and variety – the previous province of Katanga tried to secede within the Sixties – there’s a sturdy sense of nationwide unity.

Turbulent East The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has suffered brutal conflicts in current many years. The First Congo Warfare, between 1996-1997, resulted within the overthrow of dictator Mobutu Sese Seko.

The Second Congo Warfare, between 1998-2003, spanned 9 completely different international locations, involving round 30 armed teams and inflicting thousands and thousands of deaths in line with some estimates. He additionally bankrupted the nation.

A lot of the DRC is now at peace, however the mineral-rich japanese provinces are nonetheless suffering from dozens of armed teams, and civilian massacres are frequent.

Spiritual secularism has been enshrined within the Congolese structure since 1974, which additionally acknowledges freedom of worship.

In response to estimates, about 40 p.c of the nation is Catholic, 35 p.c are Protestants of varied denominations, 9 p.c are Muslims and 10 p.c are followers of Kimbangi – a Christian motion born within the Belgian Congo.

Official statistics of the Vatican point out that the proportion of Catholics within the Democratic Republic of the Congo is 49 per cent of the inhabitants.

Atheists are extraordinarily uncommon in Congolese society, which remains to be very spiritual and church-influenced. Through the colonial interval, training was entrusted to Catholic missionaries.

Rumba, survival: Congolese are recognized for his or her humorousness and resourcefulness within the face of adverse circumstances.

Many jokingly check with “Part 15” of the Structure, which is meant to instruct residents to kind issues out on their very own.

Music additionally performs an enormous function within the nation’s tradition. The Congolese rumba was inscribed by UNESCO on the Checklist of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in December 2021.

Congo can also be recognized for its so-called sapeurs – dandies who’re recognized for his or her tremendous trendy garments and sense of fashion.


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