President Hassan Sheikh arrived at Digfeer Hospital where the injured UAE officials were treated.

Feb 10 ( – More news is coming out about the shooting that happened tonight at Jen Camp. Gordon where the UAE Army Training Officers who train the Army known as the Military Police were based.

Five officers were killed in the shooting, while two others were injured. The news I received recently says that the highest official of the United Arab Emirates, who was initially reported to have passed away, has now been confirmed to me that he is seriously injured and in a coma, and is being treated at Erdogan Hospital. His name is Col. Mohamed Mubarak.

President Hassan Sheikh has recently arrived at the Erdogan Hospital where the injured UAE officials were admitted.

Sources we found inside Jen’s camp. Gordon says that the soldier who committed the murder was one of the security forces in charge of the camp, who was later shot dead, he was one of the 28th Battalion that was trained in Uganda, which was the last army that was trained in Uganda.