President Hassan signed the law to cancel the agreement between Ethiopia and Somaliland

Jan 06 ( a surprising turn of events, President Hassan of Ethiopia has signed a law to cancel the long-standing agreement between Ethiopia and Somaliland. This decision has sent shockwaves across the region, as it marks a significant shift in the diplomatic relations between the two nations.

The President praised the representatives of the Somali people in the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives for the historic role they played in defending the legacy of Somali generations and the independence of the country.

President Hassan Sheikh pointed out that this law is the official position of the Federal Republic of Somalia, and a strong message to anyone who wants to invade the land, sea and air of the Somali people.

The President of the Republic called on the people and the Somali authorities to strengthen their unity at this historical stage, and separate the political issues that can be agreed upon and the fateful issues that affect the future of our children and our existence.

The agreement, which was signed several years ago, aimed to foster mutual cooperation and enhance economic ties between Ethiopia and Somaliland. It included provisions for trade, infrastructure development, and security collaboration. Both countries had seen the agreement as a stepping stone towards greater regional integration and stability.

However, President Hassan’s decision to cancel the agreement has raised concerns and speculation about the reasons behind this unexpected move. Some experts speculate that it may be a result of new geopolitical dynamics in the region, as Ethiopia seeks to strengthen its ties with other countries, such as Eritrea and Somalia.

Somaliland, a self-declared independent state, has long sought international recognition, which it has yet to achieve. Its cancellation of this agreement with Ethiopia could further isolate the region, making it more difficult for Somaliland to gain the recognition it desires. This move may also have economic consequences for Somaliland, as it relied on the agreement with Ethiopia for trade and investment opportunities.

The cancellation of the agreement also raises questions about the future of bilateral relations between Ethiopia and Somaliland. It is unclear how this decision will impact the two nations’ cooperation on important issues such as security and economic development. The cancellation may strain relations and hinder the progress that had been made in recent years.

International observers are closely watching the developments surrounding this cancellation, as it could have wider implications for the Horn of Africa region. Ethiopia plays a crucial role in regional stability, and any shifts in its alliances and agreements could have ripple effects on neighboring countries.

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