Prosecutor of the War Crimes Tribunal opens an investigation in Ukraine

The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court confirmed Thursday that he will immediately open an investigation into possible war crimes committed in Ukraine. This came after the United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to reprimand Russia for invading Ukraine. On the front lines, Russian paratroopers encamped in the second largest city of Kharkivas, troops surrounded Kherson in southern Ukraine. Follow our live blog for the latest developments.

The United Nations General Assembly voted to reprimand Russia for the invasion. Resolution 141 was supported by the 193 members of the assembly.

Russian paratroopers landed in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, sparking immediate and “continuous” fighting. The Russian Defense Ministry said 498 Russian soldiers had been killed and 1,597 wounded in Ukraine since the invasion began last week.

Ukrainian military officials said the Russian death toll was much higher: 7,000 Russian soldiers were killed and hundreds captured. The strategic southern port city of Mariupol was heavily bombed.

The city of Kherson on the Black Sea is surrounded. The UN human rights office said 227 civilians were killed and 525 wounded in Ukraine from February 24 to March 1. These are confirmed cases, and the real death toll was “much higher”.

More than 830,000 people have fled Ukraine since the Russian invasion, the UN refugee agency said, with the number rising sharply. The United Nations International Court of Justice said it will hold public hearings on March 7-8 on Ukraine’s allegations of “genocide” by Russia. Follow our live blog below. If updates do not appear, please refresh the page.


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