Protests are being held across North America in solidarity with the Palestinians

Pro-Palestinian protesters gathered in cities across North America on Saturday, calling for an end to Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip as the worst violence in years erupted between the Jewish state and Islamist militants.

Meetings to show solidarity with the Palestinians took place in cities such as Boston, Washington, Montreal, and Dearborn, Michigan.

Several hundred people came to the Bay Ridge area of ​​Brooklyn, New York, chanting “Free, Free Palestine” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

They waved Palestinian flags and held placards that read “End Israeli Apartheid” and “Freedom for Gaza.”

Many protesters wore black and white, and red and white, keffiyeh scarves, while drivers sounded car horns and motorcyclists rev their bikes as the sun went down.

Several Jewish people were present, with signs saying “Not in my name” and “Solidarity with Palestine” as the protesters took over a street in the area with a large Arab population.

Several dozen police officers watched and the protest was peaceful in the initial phase.

“I am here because I want a Palestinian life to be the same as an Israeli life, and it is not today,” said 35-year-old Manhattan business strategist Emraan Khan, waving a Palestinian flag.

“If you have a nuclear-armed state and another state of stone-built villagers, it’s clear who is to blame,” he added.

Alison Zambrano, a 20-year-old college student, traveled from neighboring Connecticut for the demo.

“Palestinians have the right to live free and children in Gaza should not be killed,” she said.

Mashhour Ahmad, a 73-year-old Palestinian who has lived in New York for 50 years, said, “Don’t blame the victim for the aggression.”

“I’m telling Mr. Biden and his cabinet to stop supporting the murder. Support the victims, stop the oppression.

“The violence committed recently by the Israeli military is genocide,” he added, holding a poster over his head that read “Free Palestine, End the Occupation.”

President Joe Biden spoke separately with his Israeli and Palestinian counterparts on Saturday, expressing his “grave concern” over the past six days of violence that has left dozens dead or injured.

He expressed “Washington’s strong commitment to a negotiated two-state solution as the best way forward for a just and lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” the White House said.


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