“Putin is weak when we are together,” says former Ukrainian president Poroshenko.

Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko gave an exclusive interview to Jowharfrom the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, a few kilometers from Russian forces. Poroshenko, who was in power from 2014 to 2019, welcomed the “increasing” Western support for his country, as well as the European Union’s decision to provide some 450 million euros in arms to the Ukrainian army.

He thanked EU leaders for their support, saying “we are not afraid of Putin” and “Putin is weak when we are together.”

Speaking to France 24 from the streets of Kyiv, Poroshenko said he hoped Western support for Ukraine would stop “Putin’s attempt to ignite World War III”.

The former president went on to say he wanted Ukraine to join NATO and the European Union, calling for “immediate candidate status” for the latter bloc.

Asked about his hopes for peace talks taking place on the Belarusian border, he said he wanted a ceasefire and ruled out a compromise on Ukraine’s territorial integrity and demanded the Russians “get out of Ukraine.”

Poroshenko said Russian President Vladimir Putin had made “many mistakes and underestimated the Ukrainian army,” adding that Putindid did not expect such strong international solidarity with Ukraine.

Finally, Poroshenko claimed that “sanctions are completely destroying the Russian economy,” saying they could collapse, which could lead to protests. He said Putin would then have no other choice but to withdraw troops, declare a ceasefire and negotiate.

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