Rio de Janeiro police are facing public anger and are calling for an investigation after a bloody favela raid

The death toll in the aftermath of a violent raid by Brazilian police in a favela in Rio de Janeiro has now risen to at least 28.

Police say all of the deaths were involved in the authorities’ crackdown on a criminal gang. But the initial results of a study show that more than half of the deaths were unrelated to the stated purpose of that operation.

A word of caution to viewers: Some may find the images in this report disturbing.

Local residents accuse the police in Rio de Janeiro of summary executions. Protesters took to the streets en masse to demonstrate against the police response and demand answers from the authorities.

“We are demanding answers as to who the victims were and what crimes they were accused of,” David Miranda, a federal socialist and Freedom Party legislator who comes from the area where the bloodshed took place, told FRANCE 24.

“Neither the Bolsonaro. Neither the government nor the local government has given us an answer, “said Miranda.

Tim Vickery, Fanny Lothaire and Laura Damase from Jowharsubmitted this story from Rio. To watch the video, click on the player above.

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