Sao Paulo freezes as Brazil’s daily deaths in Covid-19 reach a new high

Brazil set a daily record for COVID-19 deaths for the second straight day on Wednesday, as a furious recurrence of the virus led the state of Sao Paulo to shut down companies and the government to try to shut down vaccinations with Pfizer and Janssen.

According to a new coronavirus variant from the Amazon that caused more infections, according to studies, 1,910 people died from the virus in the last 24 hours, according to information from the Ministry of Health. In one year, Brazil’s death toll has peaked at almost 260,000, the world’s second worst after the United States.

A squirting vaccination campaign has also put pressure on Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello, who said on Wednesday that he was close to an agreement with Pfizer Inc, which effectively overcame a dispute over liability rules.

The government said it intended to buy 100 million doses from Pfizer and 38 million from Janssen, Johnson & Johnson’s pharmaceutical subsidiary.

“We have reached a serious moment of the pandemic. The coronavirus variants strike us aggressively, says Pazuello in a video published on social media, adding that he expected Brazil to receive the Pfizer and Janssen vaccines in May.

The partial shutdown in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s most populous state, highlighted growing concerns about a growing new wave of infections. The country is facing its deadliest stretch since the pandemic began due to a home-grown variant called P1, scarce restrictions to slow down the virus and the spotty vaccine rollout.

Brazil sets one-day death records as outbreaks subside in North America and parts of Western Europe. It risks isolating Latin America’s largest country internationally as other nations try to fight their gains against the virus.

The Sao Paulo announcement, made by State Governor João Doria, angered right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro, who opposes the lock-in and has long sought to reduce the severity of the virus. But more states and cities are likely to follow Sao Paulo’s leadership when health care systems are pushed to the breaking point.

Bolsonaro attacked the lock again on Wednesday.

“You can not panic, like resorting to this home policy once again. People will die of hunger and depression, he told a group of supporters.

New restrictions

From Saturday, Sao Paulo’s bars and restaurants will operate only via delivery, while shopping malls and non-essential businesses will be closed, Doria said. The measures are due to last for two weeks, he said, adding that the state received a new patient in the intensive care units every two minutes.

To make matters worse, questions remain about the suitability of Brazil’s extensive vaccine portfolio – consisting of an AstraZeneca shot and another vaccine developed by China’s Sinovac Biotech Ltd – against the P1 variant.

Bolsonaro and other senior officials publicly crushed for several weeks Pfizer’s demands for discharge and said the conditions were unacceptable. Pfizer has said that many other nations had agreed to identical deals.

International fears are mounting about the P1 variant, which originated in the northern city of Manaus and has since been identified worldwide, leading to stricter rules for Brazilian travelers.

The domestic situation is particularly critical. The blame increasingly lands in Bolsonaro’s lap.

Earlier this week, 16 Brazilian governors accused him of misleading the country. The National Association of State Health Secretaries also criticized the federal government, complaining about a partial strategy from each state and city, calling for a national curfew and airport closure.


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