Several people were killed in a suspected Al Shabaab attack in Kenya

Six people have been killed and their homes set on fire in an attack on Monday by suspected Al Shabaab militants in Kenya’s coastal Lamu region bordering Somalia, a local government official said.

“I confirm that we had an attack suspected of being by Al Shabaab at a place called Widhu, and we have lost six people. One was shot dead and we also have others who were burned,” said Lamu Irungu Macharia County Commissioner.

“Our security forces are pursuing them, and we urge local support to help us because when we work together, we succeed.”

Al Shabaab fighters have staged several large-scale attacks inside Kenya in retaliation for Nairobi sending troops to Somalia in 2011 as part of an African Union force to humiliate jihadists.

The al-Qaeda-linked group seeks to overthrow the internationally-backed government in Mogadishu and controls parts of southern Somalia from where it regularly launches attacks in the capital and elsewhere.

The Lamu region, which includes the popular tourist destination Lamu Island, is close to the Somali border and has been subjected to frequent attacks, often carried out by roadside bombs.


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