Slight reduction in participation in the French protests against the Covid-19 health pass

More than 120,000 people demonstrated across France on Saturday, according to official figures, to protest coronavirus health passes that they say discriminate against the unvaccinated.

A health pass, or a recent negative Covid test, is required to enter cafes, restaurants, and many other public places.

The Interior Ministry said 121,000 had demonstrated in France, 19,000 of them in the capital Paris, where police arrested 85 people after clashes broke out.

Three members of the police were slightly injured during the protests, the ministry added.

This was the ninth consecutive weekend of protests, although according to the official count, the numbers were lower than previous marches.

Authorities estimated last weekend’s turnout in France at 140,000, and as of early August, approximately 237,000 protesters attended.

Saturday’s protests come a day after former French health minister Agnes Buzyn was indicted for her handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, after investigators at a special court in Paris concluded there were grounds to prosecute her.

Buzyn, a former doctor, was charged with “endangering other people’s lives.”

( Jowhar with AFP)

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