Somalia’s ministry of environment and climate change holds staff retreat in Mogadishu to discuss 2023 work plan

Mogadishu, 3 December 2022: Somalia’s ministry of environment and climate change holds a three-day retreat in Mogadishu. The event which is attended by the staff, consultants and officials of the ministry is aimed at discussing high priority tasks and the appropriate approaches to tackle.

Environment and Climate Change Minister Khadiija Mohamed al-Makhzoumi who started off the retreat noted that the planning of activities and the creation of a joint work group is their first priority, in order to establish a strong system for the ministry.

“A work that is not well planned, prepared and evaluated can’t return results. As such, it is a good sign for our ministry to have a specific, time-oriented plan with a predictable result,” said Minister Makhzoumi.

The ministry of environment and climate change which is new to the country handed over its strategic commitment 2023 work plan to the prime minister on Thursday. The work plan focuses on drafting laws that protect the environment, finding solutions for the problem of climate change, and funding programs that improve the community’s resilience to disasters.

“The society is expecting us to eliminate droughts, flood problems, ensure food security and establish a clean environment, safe for both marine and terrestrial life,” the minister told her staff.

The retreat also offers a chance to integrate the staff in order to come up with a collaborative work environment as well as introduce the administrative structure of the ministry.

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