Somtel Somalia’s determination to improve the Internet access in Somalia

Somtel Somalia’s determination to improve the Internet access in Somalia and its impact on social connectivity in the country.

Somalia as a country is making huge progresses in improving its development in many social sectors with the support of advanced internet access, and Somtel Somalia is one of the forefront telecommunication companies contributing to those efforts.

With the Somtel Somalia active participation offering fast internet services, the Somalia state has been described as the leader in the region for internet connectivity, with internet understanding rates now at 54 percent, according to the International Telecommunications Union.

With this increased access, Somali citizens are assisted to benefit from range of development opportunities, especially in the economic sector.

Somtel Somalia, has made consistent efforts to expand its network, invest in cutting-edge technology, and provide affordable and reliable services. The company’s broad range of telecommunications solutions includes mobile services, internet connectivity, and business solutions, making it a key driver of connectivity and digital transformation in Somalia.

By investing in advancing the internet services, Somtel Somalia has played major role to Somalia ‘s development growth. Mobile phone operators are currently providing more affordable services to Somalis, allowing greater access to financial services, health information, and education. This has opened up new prospects and facilitated better access to both the internal and external markets.

The Somtel Somalia improvement of the internet access has empowered businesses in Somalia to grow, particularly in the agricultural sector and entrepreneurs to access global markets, giving them access to customers from around the world. This has supported them to develop advanced products and services that can be exported to other countries. This is creating jobs and providing new sources of income for the country.

The internet is also a great means for education and training. Somali students have access to online courses and educational materials, facilitating them to gain the skills they need to succeed in the worldwide economy.

The increased access to the internet has also supported an increase in the number of start-ups in Somalia.

“Somtel Somalia as a technology company currently is in position to maintain taking major part in facilitating access global investors and markets, leading to excellent in innovation and entrepreneurship. This is creating income – generating jobs and helping to reduce poverty.” Mahad Omar Abdulle , Somtel Somalia Marketing and Public Relations Manager pointed out .

Furthermore, with Somtel Somalia contribution in improving access to high-speed internet connectivity services, Somalia has seen a rise in the use of social media platforms. This improvement comes after the collapse of Said Barre military regime in 1991 and the country facing chaos and political instability.

The increase of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have allowed citizens to express their views, discuss political issues, and debate their opinions, leading to a new era of political participation. This has had an intense effect on Somali politics, providing a means for citizens to engage in the political process and strengthen their voices in the public sphere.

As an example, social media has allowed activists to organize and campaign for political reform, such as the anti-corruption campaign in 2011. This campaign was successful in bringing attention to the issue of corruption and encouraging citizens to demand greater transparency and accountability from their leaders.

Social media has also been used as a platform for political debate, as citizens use it to share their views, discuss issues, and challenge the status quo. This has enabled a more open and inclusive political culture, allowing citizens to express their views and be heard regardless of their socioeconomic status or geographic location.

Inclusion, the Somtel Somalia advancement of the internet services has contributed to the growth of social media supporting a more direct form of citizen engagement with elected officials. Through social media, citizens can directly communicate with their representatives and hold them accountable for their actions. This has resulted in increased responsiveness from elected officials, as well as greater transparency and accountability

By: Mohamud Abdi Mohamud (Fat)