The Blue Hangar: A Historic Milestone for Somali Aviation

Mogadishu, Somalia – Today marks a historic day for Somalia, as Mogadishu proudly hosted the inauguration of The Blue Hangar, the first aircraft hangar in the country after the Somalia’s state collapse, established by Aerosom Co Ltd. The Blue Hanger facility, located at the Aden Adde International Airport, will provide maintenance and health checks for planes flying in and out of Somalia.

Aden Abdulle Airport accommodates over 130 daily flights, and lacked on-site repair capabilities, necessitating aircraft to be sent to neighboring countries like Kenya and Uganda for maintenance. The establishment of the Blue Hangar, equipped with modern facilities, marks a pivotal shift in this scenario, providing local solutions for aircraft maintenance and safety.

Ismail Abdullahi Goni, the Executive Director of Aerosom Company, highlighted in his address that the establishment of the Blue Hangar was a response to a pressing national need in the capital. Ahmed M. Hassan, the Director-General of the Somali Civil Aviation Organization, underscored the significance of the Hangar in the context of international aviation standards.

He noted that Somalia remains the only country yet to be inspected by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The Blue Hangar aligns with the requisites set forth by ICAO, paving the way for Somalia to join the global aviation community.

Fardowsa Osman Igal, the Somalia’s Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, inaugurated the hangar and commended Aerosom for their instrumental role in elevating the country’s aviation capabilities. She encouraged Somali companies to invest in the transport and aviation sector, highlighting its profitability and the benefits it offers to businesses, the government, and the Somali community at large.

The event celebrated not only a significant achievement in Somali aviation but also the collaborative efforts that made this milestone possible. It showcased Somalia’s commitment to enhancing its aviation infrastructure, and its readiness to play a significant role in international air travel. This landmark development signifies a new chapter in the Somali aviation industry, symbolizing progress and innovation. It strengthens our nation’s infrastructure, advances Somalia’s position in the global aviation landscape, and offers new opportunities for growth and connectivity.