The deadly ‘black fungus’ disease infects more than 12,000 in Covid-stricken India

The rare fungal disease mucormycosis has killed more than 300 people and infected more than 12,000 people in India, as the country’s health system continues to grapple with Covid-19. A surgeon at a hospital in Delhi told Jowharthat the disease, also known as ‘black fungus’, can infect people who have been treated with oxygen for the coronavirus.

The deadly fungus moves quickly in the body and attacks the nose, eyes, jaw and brain. Patients need immediate surgery to survive, but they remain disabled.

Black mold can be treated with anti-fungal injections such as Amphotericin B, but with the increasing number of cases in India, there is an acute shortage.

“We cannot find injections, we face a huge problem,” Amit Singh, a relative of a patient, told FRANCE 24. “We are not getting any help from the government.”

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