The information of four companies that send goods to Al-Shabaab to be unloaded from the port

Oct. 16 ( – The government of Somalia has received the information of four companies that the Al-Shabaab group transmits information about the cargo on the ships arriving at the main port of Mogadishu.

The Minister of Trade of the Somali government, Jibril Abdirashid Haji Abdi, said that they are submitting the names of these companies and that they give information to Al-Shabaab about the goods imported from the port, so that they can collect excessive taxes from the traders of these goods.

The surprising thing is that Al-Shabaab received the information before the ship docked at the port, as the information was sent before the cargo was imported from the Chinese ports.

“Somali businessmen are complaining that before the business man receives the container from China, the Al-Shabaab groups get his information, and we share this issue with three to four companies,” said the Somali trade minister.

However, the Minister of Commerce called on the Minister of Ports of the Somali Government to revoke the license of all these companies. He said that their names and information will be shared, so that the government can take action.

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