Denis Sassou-Nguesso, Congolese president: everything is allowed to “blacken Africa’s authorities”

The President of the Republic of Congo Denis Sassou-Nguesso gave an interview to France 24, on the sidelines of the summit for a new global financial pact organized in Paris to fight poverty and global warming. He believed that Africa could not be forced to “brutally give up” oil.

Commenting on the follow-up to the investigation into suspicions of “unfortunate gains”, he lamented the interference of France, where “everything is allowed” to “dirty the African authorities”.

France 24 conducted an interview with Congolese President Denis Sassou-Nguesso, who had just attended the summit in Paris for a new global financial pact.

Western countries are obliged to finance both the fight against poverty and the fight against global warming through financial aid to poor countries. However, the Republic of Congo (DRC) has significant oil potential.

“Forcing African countries to suddenly abandon oil would be excessive,” Denis Sassou-Nguesso said, stressing that some industrialized countries have decided to use coal again.

His country will host a summit at the end of the year dedicated to the conservation of the three largest forest basins on the planet, which will be attended by international leaders, including Brazilian President Lula.

Three planetary “lungs”, more valuable than ever in times of climate problems. A common strategy will be adopted during the summit, the Congolese president guarantees, “but also to obtain counterparts from the rest of the world to ensure the development of the countries that protect this common good”.

‘No political prisoners’

“There are no political prisoners in the Republic of Congo, the Congolese president assures Generals Jean-Marie Michel Mokoko and André Okombi Salissa, two former candidates for the March 2016 presidential election, sentenced to twenty years in prison. prison.

The Congolese president allegedly received $17 million in funds embezzled by oil company Orion Oil, according to a detailed investigation by the daily Liberation. “The French media is used to this kind of aggression” laments Denis Sassou-Nguesso, adding that Paris allows itself to “administer all Congolese affairs through its justice”

“Everything is allowed in France as soon as it comes to smear the authorities in Africa”, comments the president, who is reacting to another episode of the investigation into suspicions of “unfortunate gains” involving the seizure of a mansion in Neuilly -sur -Seine, and attributed to his son and minister Denis Christel Sassou-Nguesso.

The latter is expected by many observers to be the successor to his father at the head of the country also known as Congo-Brazzaville. “I have never made such statements”, comments Denis Sassou-Nguesso soberly.

The revision of the Congolese constitution allows the president to stand for his own succession in 2026. Is this the president’s intention? “This issue is not on the agenda,” he replies.

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