The situation in Covid-19 “deteriorates” in the greater Paris region, warns the hospital manager

The coronavirus situation is deteriorating in the greater Paris region, where hospitals are under enormous pressure, said the director general of the AP-HP Paris hospital organization, Martin Hirsch, on Wednesday.

Hirsch told RTL radio that there were two options for limiting the disease – a local weekend stop, already in place in other parts of the country, or a broader lock in the region.

“The virus is not under control. There are as many patients in the intensive care unit today as there were at the top of the second wave,” he said.

Prime Minister Jean Castex said on Tuesday that it was time for more coronavirus restrictions in the greater Paris region.

Hirsch said that almost 1,100 people were in intensive care with COVID-19 in the region, and that the number could reach 1,700 at the end of the month if the current trend continues.

During normal times, the Paris region has a larger intensive care bed capacity of about 1,000, Hirsch said.

In France as a whole, there were 4,239 patients in intensive care with COVID-19 as of Tuesday, close to a four-month high.


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