The Sudanese military announces the results of the investigation into the murder of protesters in 2019

The Sudanese military said on Saturday that it had handed prosecutors the results of an investigation into the killing of protesters in Khartoum in 2019, after hundreds of protesters called for justice this week.

After months of demonstrations, thousands gathered outside the army headquarters in Khartoum in April 2019, demanding the resignation of the old autocrat Omar al-Bashir.

The iron-fisted ruler was deposed days later, but protesters sat for weeks demanding the transfer of power from military to civilian government.

In June, gunmen in military clothing forcibly dispersed the camp in a day-long crackdown that killed at least 128 people, according to doctors associated with the protest movement.

The ruling generals at the time denied the order for bloody dispersal and called for an investigation into the incident.

General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, Chief of the Transitional Council and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces presented the results of an investigation by the Armed Forces into the events … to Prosecutor Tagelsir al-Hebr, the military said in a statement Saturday. .

It said the results of the investigation included a list of military personnel believed to have been involved in the events, as well as an order to “waive their immunity.”

“This will enable the prosecution general to pursue legal proceedings and achieve final results,” the military said.

On Tuesday, protesters had gathered outside army headquarters to demand justice for the victims of the 2019 violence. Security forces killed two protesters during the rally, sparking further anger.

Since August 2019, Sudan has been led by a transitional government with a majority of citizens, which has vowed to guarantee justice to the victims and their families.

Later that year, a commission of inquiry led by a prominent attorney launched an independent investigation into the murders, but the investigation has yet to be finalized.


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