The term of the Federal Parliament ends today 27122020

Today marks the end of the four-year term of the 10th Federal Parliament of Somalia, which coincides with the swearing in of both Houses of Parliament.

On December 27, 2016, members of both houses of parliament were sworn in at the House of Representatives and the Upper House, marking the first time the country has had an Upper House.

The outgoing bicameral parliament is putting the country in a new position, as no consensus has yet been reached in the country to replace the now-defunct parliament.

Speaker of the House of the parliament Mohamed Mursal, who addressed a joint sitting of parliament last week, said the 10th parliament would remain in office until the 11th parliament is sworn in, in order to avoid constitutional vacancies, as required by Article 60 of the Constitution and amendments to Law LR 20.

However, the term of the House of the parliament and the Upper House comes at a time when the country is embroiled in a political dispute over the electoral process, with the 10th Parliament expiring without approving the annual budget. 2021 submitted by the Government, which is still in dispute.

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